Sena Will Vote Against Oppositions Trust Vote

By Preeti Sigh On 19 Jul, 2018

Shiv Sena, the most cantankerous member of the BJP-led NDA coalition, will vote against the opposition's no confidence motion that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government will face on Friday, union minister Ananth Kumar has claimed. "The NDA is united and will vote against the motion." the union minister said on Wednesday, responding to repeated questions about the Shiv Sena's stand in Friday crucial vote. The central government is comfortably placed in the Lok Sabha and there is no risk to its survival. The ruling NDA has 313 members in the 535-member Lok Sabha including the BJP's 274, a lot more than the 268 that it needs to clear the test. The opposition has been hoping that allies such as the Uddhav Thackeray's Shiv Sena, which has 18 members in the lower house, embarrasses the government on Friday. The Shiv Sena, known for acting as the proxy opposition, hasn't spelt out its stand yet. Over the last year and more, the Shiv Sena frequently hurled stinging darts and insults at the BJP who it has described as the Sena's "biggest political enemy",, called the BJP arrogant and the NDA that it leads "almost dead" and showered praises on Congress boss Rahul Gandhi.

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